Where is the User Manual pdf for Djay

If you are using Mac then you will need to:

Press the shift key, the CMD key and the ? key together.

However, this doesn’t produce a manual it is just the keyboard shortcut to the help menu, very disappointing not to have a manual for this product.

it is unprofessionell to sell a product without separeate manual

I love the software and would consider using it full time as a DJ over Traktor or Serato if ONLY they had an instruction manual online or in print. Having to troubleshoot and google every single time I have a question is a huge problem. And this forum is so minimum. Not only that, there is no customer service number, only an email which adds a time delay in when you get your question answered. Live chat perhaps? Anything, please Algoriddim. Seriously, such a brilliant product and company with no manual. I actually did find a brief in-app tutorial for Djay but not the newest version, Djay pro.

It is not obvious but I’ve found that going to ‘djay Tour’ a page gets opened allowing you to browse the help pages.

So basically the ‘Learn all about djay’ section works.

I have version 4.2.3 for Mac.

Hope it helps!

The manual is very close to be released, stay tuned.

Lukas E.

Still no manual? Incredible

Yes I agree… I cannot go past the demo and purchase unless at least an ePub or PDF is provided. command-shift-? should open a true manual the way other developers and software publishers do. I need to memorize the control surface and I cannot do that without a diagram at least!

11 months later… no manual… STILL? How long is this going to take?! I just bought DJay2 for the iPhone, and I NEED A MANUAL, or I’m simply going to switch apps.


Yeah, I went through the 19 Pioneer-WeGo4-DJay 2 videos, and that helped a lot. A few things were a little obscure as they went by really fast, but it explained a lot.

Although, would love it if there were a tips ‘n’ tricks series to realise the full functionality of this software & hardware in particular.

Impatiently waiting for:)

Just out of curiosity,why is a manual needed?
It isn’t an overly difficult app to master,
If it only had eq kills and a better/cleaner LP-HP filter it would be excellent…

Also add the ability to type in the bpm of a track rather or as well as tap