Which controller should i use?

I have been rocking the IdJ Pro + iPad 3 + Djay / Djay2 for 3 yrs now. Since there appears there is little chance there will be a IDj Pro 2 controller, which sucks, I want to know what controller i should buy next that works with my iPad3 . I dont want to use a Mac.

I am confused: does the beatpad v1 work with Djay or Djay2 the iOs app on my iPad3? I do not want to have to carry a Mac around – that was the whole point of getting off of Serato and onto a IDj Pro + iPad .

What other controllers work with my iPad running Djay or Djay2?

I like the beatpad v1. And you can use it with other software (vdj / djay pro) and so on when you change your mind about your hardware.
I have had the wego (1 and 3) an have now, the idj pro and beatpad 1. I love the idj pro, but the beatpad is a keeper. (Now that they updated the screen in djay 2).
I think the pioneers are great controllers, but just to small. I dont like that you have to use the platters for the effect setting. Idj pro is awsome, but i dont like the channel volume knobs. And you can not (simply) connect it to a mac or pc.
I have bought a licence for dj for the beatpad. So thats another reason that controller stays.
Main system is a mac and dennon for dj pro. Backup is the beatpad with ipad air or laptop.

Works with djay2 on ipad, and with djay pro, on mac.
Check the algoriddim website for supported controllers, for djay 2

In also suggest the beatpad!

Have you got a list of controllers that are supported just for the iPad? I’d djay2 only.


Should read, ie. Djay2 only.

Here you have a full overview of all natively supported controllers:

Pay attention on which OS is supported.

my vote for the beatpad too.

try my midi map for 4 deck control ))


I use the Reloop Beatpad as well and I love it. First I used it only with my iPad Air 2 but now that I have a Macbook Pro I use it with djay pro. Works really good.