Why assume pre-Cueing when new device detected? Why not main?

This is a question, Idea and problem.
When ever a new device is found it asks me if I want to use it for Pre-cueing. I actually want to use it for main. Why does it assume pre-cueing is where I would want that. It is actually the device I always use for main out but it doesn’t want to remember that.

Why can’t it save my device preference? Then I could set it to say always use this device if available. And it would stop asking me the same questions every time I setup.

Every other preferences setting stays the same as what the user set. However, if I reboot the computer and come back the audio device settings are changed back to defaults. Why can’t my selection of chosen audio device stay the way I set them? After all it is called Preferences!

When I put ‘USB Audio Codec’ as my main and ‘Built in output’ as my Pre-cueing device just leave it alone. don’t mess with it, don’t change it. IF I need it changed I will.

Why when I reboot are my preferred devices settings gone. Built in audio becomes my main out every time.

IF the audio device that i selected is not available then it is not available. I will make it available. Stop changing my preferences

I never heard anymore on this. The behavior I am looking for is that once I have set user preferences that when those conditions exist or are available please use those previously user specified preferences. For example:

If I have specified that the native main audio output on the computer is to be used for pre cueing. I would expect that even if my primary audio selection is not yet available (external sound card) that you honer my preference choice and assign the computers main out as pre cueing. If the device I selected for Primary output is not available then it is not available. You can through an error or ignore I do not care. However, when it becomes available it should recognize that as my preference setting and assign it to primary out.

What frequently happens to me is when I fire up Djay my choice for Primary audio is not available. So DJay arbitrarily steals my choice for Precuing and assigns it to primary out. Then once the new audio choice (the one that I said should be primary) becomes available the program asks me if I want to assign this to pre cueing. You already know by me preference choice that this should be assigned to primary. Stop asking me to assign my Primary prefs choice to precueing. You already know where I want it.

Maybe a better way to solve this is. If I have an audio device called for in Prefs and it is not available please throw up an error and allow me to resolve the issue either by making it available or selecting a different audio device.

I guess what I am complaining about is that DJay without any warning is arbitrarily assigning an audio device that I did not choose.

Hi Daniel,

thank you for your feedback. This is an interesting topic, can you tell us how you would like the software to remember the individual device routings?

Cheers,Lukas E.

Hey Daniel,

I see your specific issue with the rooting of the audio devices. 
I forwarded this as a feature request, in general it would be great if other users who have to deal with the same non-saved rooting issues push the topic.

Thank you for sharing.

Cheers,Lukas E.