Why Do I Got To Pay For The Pro Version, Since I Paid For The Original? or At Least a Better Discount!

Why is there no discount for people that currently use DJay? All the new features are great but what is the point of me having the original and pro versions? This is just like when y’all release DJay 2 for iOS there wasn’t an option to upgrade from one to the other. it had to be purchased and that left me with an app I no longer needed but paid for. The original DJay software isn’t even available on the app store anymore. So does this mean there will no longer be any updates for it? When Serato release Serato DJ they didn’t make the users of Itch or Scratch Live buy Serato DJ. which to me was the proper way of handling it. Why should I pay more? I have the pioneer wego 3 controller and use DJay 2 on my Iphone with and would like to use the Pro with this controller. Since the original DJay OS X application is really all that great and doesn’t support spotify. I paid for the original DJay software, but I won’t be buying the Pro Version and won’t recommend algoriddim products to people I know either. There are other software apps available and if you think your products are the only ones to support streaming from music services it won’t be shortly. Other companies are going to just right on this trend and DJay will be the last app people will want.

Full price when I’ve been using the original since right after it came out. I also have the iOS version and vjay. Should be some consideration for original users, yeah 40% off but that’s for people who weren’t supporting algoriddim. Yeah NI Traktor is looking like an option…

No, they DID give ONE person a discount because he complained enough. The rest of us… too bad.

Same here, most of the sofware devolopers are charging small difference for upgrades, our newer version of the software.

Why algoriddim is asking full price for the new version of the DJ software this matter should be considered seriously.

for a limited time the price on the app store has 40% off. that seems like a discount to me…