why isn't the NS7iii compatible with Djay Pro?

Hey Algoriddium!! Hurry up programmers and fix this problem. I have been a Djay user for at least 5 years now. I think I might switch to Serato because Im sick of waiting for Algoriddim to figure this out. Numark is kind of a huge company within that industry (the same industry Algoriddim is in).

I love Djay but can’t wait any longer. Serato here I come!!


What’s the “problem”?

It’s designed for Serato, not Djay.

It isn’t on the list of supported controllers.

Algoriddim never promised to support it. Numark never promised Algoriddim would support it.

If you bought hardware that isn’t compatible with your software, that’s your problem. Learn how to map it or go and cry somewhere else.

Hi there,

we are not able to support the NS 7 controller series.
The jogwheels are mechanical, we are not allowed to support them.

Therefore, we are not able to provide a native mapping. 

No one’s crying g here moron and no body bought any hardware that is not compatible w what software they run. This is a place to ask questions. Again no one is crying. And thanks I know how to map, but you cannot successfully map this device. Maybe know what you are talking about before writing something stupid like you have already. I realize algorithm never said they would make it compatible. My point was Numark is a huge company within the industry. And It would be wise if a smaller but yet successful company like algoriddim make their products suitable for large name makers like Numark. Trying to make other feel stupid is not a smart move. Only make the writer look more stupid.

Thank you for the prompt professional response.