Why no service for DVS or Phase?

I am curious, why are vinyl turntables not being offered any opportunity for this game changing software?

Do you actually still carry them to your shows?
What’s the benefit over a modern controller?

Only very few people today will still take their turntables to the gig - but they still exist. Despite all the advantages of digital technology, DJing with vinyl is still “more DJ”, for many also “real DJ”. It’s fun (for me, anyway) and the audience has something to look at. And if you don’t use it at your gigs, you can do it at home, just for fun, or for video streams. So there are reasons to use DVS, even if not everyone can understand it.


I watched the video of a DJ controlling the software/app with gestures to his iPad…that’s plenty of show for the audience. The cardio would kill this crusty old guy lol

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Hi @Half,

While we cannot speak on why certain features are not present in djay or the possibility of said features coming to djay in the near future I can safely say that our dev team is aware of these requests and that they are reviewing them for further consideration.

Have a wonderful day!

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Thank you for responding. I’ll be standing by. Once I’m loyal to something I’m using, it’ll be tough having me switch out.