Will the Reloop mixon 4 be supported by Djay Pro for mac?

Or is it allready supported?


By the way, I am very upset that the mixon4 came out! Don’t get me wrong, I would love to have it being a dj pro user, but seeing as I just purchased my beatpad 2 just over 6 months ago, I am not in the financial position to buy a new one! I wish there was some kind of trade in deal :)?


When the 4 channel djay pro for ios came out, it was expected a 4 channel controller would join the lineup!

And you need to ask reloop not algoriddim

Will the Mixon4 allow video out with a lightning-VGA adapter for the iPad or IPad Pro?

Hi DJ Ivan,

the Mixon 4 is natively supported by all of our Platforms:

  • djay Pro for Mac
  • djay Pro/2 for iPad
  • djay 2 for iPhone
  • djay 2 for Android

Hope this is helping.

Lukas E.

This is not supported, you can send video output while using the Mixon 4 via AppleTV.

Lukas E.

I’ve just got a MacBook literally last week because I couldn’t find a suitable more pro type controller.

So got a MacBook to use djay pro as have more controller options.

I would have been happy sticking to iOS app & / controller.

So I feel your pain