xdi 700 link

Hi I am trying to use 2 x xd7700 with only 1 usb lead to map

I am linking the xdi players together with an ethernet cable and i thought you could link to djay pro on mac with just one usb, is this possible?

I can do it with 2 usb leads but want to streamline the amount of leads I am using

see this post Lukas:-


“djay Pro is the most modern way to DJ on your Mac,” said Algoriddim CEO Karim Morsy.

“This new version adds a host of new features for live performance, music discovery, and preparation. It combines the best of both worlds, content discovery via Spotify and hardware access through Pioneer DJ’s state-of-the-art CDJ setups.”

The app’s seamless plug-and-play integration with CDJ-2000NXS2 and TOUR1, the worldwide club standard for professional DJs, lets you access Spotify and iTunes playlists directly from the CDJ screens, including displaying colored waveforms, song information and cue points.

Also notable: the ability to connect multiple CDJs with a single USB cable (LAN Link).

Using LAN Link, you can connect up to four CDJ-2000NXS2 players with a DJM-900NXS2 mixer via LAN cables. After connect your Mac to the mixer via a single USB cable, everything will syncs seamlessly including your CDJ-TOUR1 players and DJM-TOUR1.

“Together with the mixer’s built-in audio interface, this means that a single USB connection powers both audio and HID control, resulting in unprecedented simplicity for setup,” said developers.

My mixer is native instruments S8

When I use djay pro I do not connect the mixer via usb and use it in standalone mode

So my 2 x xdjs are connected 2 each other with an ethernet cable for pioneer link when using rekordbox sharing from one hdd,

my issue is when I use the xdjs for djay pro I have to connect both players by 2 x usb leads to mbp as pro as link doesnt work with the ethernet…?

Hey there,

than you for your post. At the moment this is not possible you would need to connect each XDJ/ CDJ with an individual USB cable. But I forwarded your post internally and added your question to our user requests.

Cheers,Lukas E.

Hey Jimmy, 

sorry there might be a misunderstanding here. Are you using a mixer besides your two XDJ 700’s which is connected to your Mac via USB and linked via LAN to the players?

Cheers,Lukas E.