XDJ 1000 Audio set up

I have 2 xdj 1000 players hooked up via USB to my mac. Djay perfectly finds them, i link and set one player deck 1 and 1 player deck 2. Both times it asks if i want to use the players audio output and i click yes, however i only get audio out of my internal speakers

i Tried setting up audio to my aggregate device and got both playing out of 1 channel

i then set up the “internal” pre queuing set up with the left deck as the headphone jack and right deck as the main deck but the left deck volume is lower volume through the queue

shouldn’t this route the audio out of the xdj 1000 sound card into my mixer without any issues?

What am i doing wrong? i have the demo version and would like to give you my $50

Please make sure you’re running the latest driver and firmware of your XDJs. Now, see if your “Device” settings are like this:

No, I’m sorry, as the Crossfader is blocked in External Mixer Mode, Automix is not possible, yet. 

The only way of making djay Pro play songs automatically is by the Automix, I’m sorry.

i was able to get it working. thanks!

any chance on getting autoplay on external mixer?

instead of “auto mix” is there a way to have continuous play on one deck?