Your iTunes Library is Outside the Music Folder

This started happening about 2 moths ago. Not sure why. I have removed Djay from my M Ac and reinstalled and the problem is still there.

Any ideas?

Hi Gerry,

Please try the following:

  • quit djay
  • quit iTunes
  • hold down the “alt” button on your keyboard and click on the iTunes icon
  • when asked, select “Choose Library”
  • choose this folder: -/Music/iTunes
  • start djay

Hope this helps.

Hi Zoe,

Please try the steps described in my reply above. If this doesn’t help, please let me know.

I got this issue after I installed Traktor. I really hope it wasn’t deliberate coding that caused this. Doing the above fixed the issue.

That is the solution! Great!

Just click OK and you will not see it again :slight_smile: At least that’s the case here… (iTunes library on external drive)

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Load Song.

The song is located outside the music folder. Please click ok to allow DJ to load this song.

This is not cool! How can I do that if it’s on auto mix and I’m not there to click ok!? Surely there’s a setting somewhere where i can say don’t ask me this question again, cos ALL my songs (100,000) of them are outside my music folder.