Namaskar :pray:t4::pray:t4::pray:t4:

My music style which I’m mixing is Psycore/Experimental Psy/High Tech

I’m not a professional DJ, but as I don’t like to listen to music with breaks between the tracks I love to mix through my music with transitions which are as long as possible :sunglasses:

I have had a Traktor s4 mk2, but as I live in a small environment and after my laptop was broken I decided to buy an iPad Pro to start to fiddle around with music production. It’s also only a hobby and I’m using AUM to mix around with some drum/synth/effect Auv3‘s :smiling_imp:
After some weeks I discovered Djay pro and I was very pleased to get such a great software on the iPad which allows me also to go out to the nature to mix and listen to my sound the way I like it.

I have to say there are some features which I miss a lot and djay pro isn’t the perfect tool zo mix music over 200BPM (double BPM isn’t possible atm), but I believe in the team that this will be change in the near future. Also the behavior of the cutoff filter is not what I expected in a professional dj software. (But for more infos and supporting these changes check out my suggestions in the forum :slight_smile:)

After all I’m happy to support the company and the developer with all my love and energy :pray:t4::black_heart::pray:t4::black_heart::pray:t4: