1.0.2. Search Bar Scaling Problem


I have Djay pro that I’ve bought from the Appstore. It worked fine for a month and now I have the same problem with the search bar on the Spotify search as this guy (see link below). I think it appeared after updating the software to 1.0.2.


Thanks in advance!

Regards Eero Koski

Please try the following:

  1. Quit djay Pro
  2. Launch Terminal.app
  3. Run the command “defaults delete com.algoriddim.djay-pro-mac CMMSearchLastWidth0”
  4. Launch djay Pro (edited)

If you are not using the App Store version, Step 3. will be:
“defaults delete com.algoriddim.direct.djay-pro-mac CMMSearchLastWidth0”

See if it works!

You’re on djay Pro 1.1.1, right?
We couldn’t reproduce the problem, yet. Can you think of anything that might be helpful to cause this problem?

Still unfortunately didn’t work. Any new fixes?