10+ minute tracks restarting

I have experienced this issue multiple times and has affected tracks from both Spotify and iTunes. Whenever I try to play a track that is 10 minutes or more, the track will automatically stop at the 10 minute mark and restart. The playhead, time remaining, etc. are unchanged (act as if the track is playing normally) but the audio will jump back to the beginning of the track.

Example: Let’s say I am playing a 15 minute track. The track plays normal up until 10 minutes. Then, rather than play the last 5 minutes of the track, it will play the first 5 minutes.

It is as if the program can’t handle double digits in the minutes field for playback. Any thoughts?

That’s new to me…I experienced some bugs in the late working in Djay pro…but never that, actually at the begging of the gigs/nigth I play always pre done sets, at least with one hour and never had that issue…

Thanks for the response. I didn’t have any issue for a long time, using Djay Pro. I only noticed it recently (now using Djay Pro 2 on my Macbook). I wonder if anyone else has come across this or has any ideas.