16:9 Aspect Ratio

Is there any way to lose the 16:9 aspect ratio setting and go to standard framing? It keeps cutting off the heads of my video subjects.

I also want a way to loose the 16:9. It would be nice to have the feature to FILL (as it is by default) or FIT (show all content).

I tried turning off “Automatically Size to Fit” in the settings but didn’t see any difference when loading 4:3 videos, they still had the top and bottoms chopped.

Besides that setting, I’d love a settings to switch to 4:3 so that the picture would be bigger over all, rather than the projector trying to fit 16:9 on it’s 4:3 format, then having the 4:3 video trying to fit inside that 16:9 square… lots of blank space.

For whatever it’s worth, my videos look fine when playing them back on a projector through the Videos app… a convention worth following? :wink:

I’m having the same issue - I’d like a setting that either pillar boxes or letterboxes content to make it fit within the mix display. It seems like “Automatically Size to Fit” SHOULD fix the problem, but it doesn’t do anything.

Any word on this? I pretty much stopped using VJay because of this issue and I cannot in good conscience recommend the app knowing that this issue exists and may never be fixed.

Hi Richard,

Have you tried to enable “Automatically Size to Fit”? Tap the cogwheel button and select “Settings”.

Well hopefully they’ll note this posting and work on a feature that accommodates us with our request. :wink:

The Size to Fit option does not help at all… sorry.

I wish they would address this issue sometime soon!

Any update on this??

It also seems to also crop on 16:9 (a few pixels on each edge).

I notice that this was solved… I am curious…how is this solved. I have the same issue. I have a video that fits perfectly with the Native iPad video app, but in vjay it cuts off the top and bottom to make it 16:9. Our projector screens are 4:3. I have a company meeting coming up for our Annual Report and this needs to be addressed. I would hate to have to look at other products to present this.

“Automatically Size to Fit” doesnt fix the problem :frowning: