2 djay does not recognize the DDJ Wego2

I have a DDJ Wego2, updated the firmware 1:03 and it is not recognized in DJAY 2 V. 2.6.1.
Use the Ipad mini.
I also tested with DJAY V. LE 2.2.2 and it did not work.
Could someone help me ??

Hi Julian,

What exactly happens when you connect the WeGo 2 to your iPad? Are there any error messages? Also, which iOS version is running on your iPad?

Please try the following:

connect the WeGO 2 to your iPad

open the system Settings app

go to General > About and scroll down

Can you see an entry saying “DDJ-WEGO2”?

hello , the version of ios is 8.1
I connect the ipad wego2 in , and then turn it on . after this, access the app … but nothing happens . The logo does not appear pionner as they say .
firmware wego2 is 1.03