2 mixers in djay IOS iphone

I own a Hercules inpulse 200 & an inpulse 300 and the other day I was testing to run both of them through my iphone and djay.

They sort of connects but there is some issues:

  1. Humming noise in the speakers/headset
  2. Djay is finding them both but I cant use the properly, like control inputs in neglected etc

Both of the mixers work fine solo through iphone djay app.

Any suggestions?

Hi @hacl,

  1. While you can connect multiple MIDI controllers to djay at once, only one of them can be used as an audio interface.
  2. Typically, the device that is connected last will be automatically set as the audio interface.
  3. Exactly what type of adapter or hub are you using to connect the both devices to your iPhone?
  4. Is this adapter also connected to power and is your iPhone charging normally?
  5. Please note that you will likely need a higher wattage power adapter connected to your phone to power 2 MIDI controllers at once.