2 questions about midi map for Vestax VCI-380

Vestax VCI-380 Mapping - it ain’t easy

Anyone else out there mapped this controller to djay? I was lucky to pick up this controller recently for a very good price, so did so, looking forward to mapping it to djay. I’ve done the same for a Novation Twitch recently and got that working well. The 8 pads and their modifier buttons give you so many options.
But the 380 is a weird beast to map. The 4 buttons along the top (Hot cue, slicer, auto-loop and roll) are really weird to map - they don’t work as unique modifiers for the 8 pads, like on the Twitch. Which really reduces the options and flexibility of how many things you can map to the pads. They also don’t work very well having anything mapped to them for some reason. Also, mapping the mixer to simply and correctly get the headphone cue to work propoerly is proving to be quite difficult, as well as getting the VU meters to monitor each channel as well. To try and explain in great detail what the problem is will take way to long - you kind of need to have the unit on front of you and see it.
But I have 2 questions, one for Algoriddim and one for you guys.
1 - Algoriddim, I have seen on other posts here you have noted that a midi map for this controller is planned. Any way you can give me some idea as to when this might be made available? ( I really hope that when you do, it also gets the led needle points on the jog wheels working).
2 - Any of you guys got any tips, stories or your own Midi maps to share for this controller? I’m happy to share my map once I’ve finished it, if you’re interested.

Hi Warren. Sure, I’m almost there.
I just have to sort out how to get cue through my headphones working - it’s one of the weird things about mapping the 380 that doesn’t work as expected.
When I’m done, I’ll post it, along with some notes on some of the anomalies I’ve discovered along the way.

By the way, I’ve also mapped the Novation Twitch to the best of my abilities.
Would you guys be interested in that?

You can find the map here:

You might get some learnings from this as the 8 effects pads and their 4 modifier buttons above them are pretty much the same as the VCI-380.

Hi patty,
Sorry to say, I gave up trying to map djay to my 380. It proved too frustrating and in the end I just started using Serato Itch instead of djay. Are you going through the same process I was - trying to map the 380? Having any luck?

Hey Warren - I’ve used midi learn on a couple of controllers, and find it works pretty well - my Twitch in particular was a breeze. As it was a while ago that I tried with the VCI-380 I can’t remember specifics, but I do remember giving it a good hard go and then unfortunately giving up and moving to using Itch. Which is weird given that that made the 400 work so well with djay.
Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful. If you guys ever get your hand on a 380 and have a go at mapping, I’d love to see if you can nail it. Would love to be able to return to djay. Even better, do it using my 380 and djay on the ipad!

I sadly have to say that I sold my beloved 380 and replaced it with a Beatpad 2. I think the VCI-380 is a true classic controller that those owned, really loved it and truly understand.

Hi Bunyip,

Sorry, I can’t give you an ETA on that one. We have to order a unit first.
BUT, if you’re done mapping, you could share it so we don’t have to start from scratch. :slight_smile:

Did you encounter any problems with MIDI learn? If you have any specific questions, just let me know.


Did you ever get your VU Meters for each channel to work and if so how did you manage it?

Bumping this as I’ve been looking into the possibility of buying a VCI-380 and would love it to work properly with Djay Pro…jog wheel LED displays and everything. The question is, will it ever happen? My gut feeling is no, it probably won’t :frowning:

Well I’ve been trying to Map my vci 380 as well and I can’t figure it out. Will this be mapped anytime soon or nay?

I don’t understand why they just say yes or no.

Also waiting for the mapping for vci 380. It’s too complicated to map it ourselves.

it would be so amazing if we could make this happen.




waow im happy to see that i am not the only person wanting my vci380 to work with djay pro.