2022 DMC World Champion: DJ K-SWIZZ 🏆

We wanted to send a huge CONGRATULATIONS to DJ K-SWIZZ from the entire Algoriddim Team, as well as highlight this amazing performer here on our Community.

To share a little more, New Zealand’s DJ K-SWIZZ made history recently when he became the first ever DJ from the Southern Hemisphere to win the DMC World DJ Championships, regarded as the Olympics of DJing since it began in 1985. He’s been competing for 10 years since he was a child, and at only 18 years old, this win gives him a phenomenal total of 9 world titles.

And to add to all that, he is the first to win using only an iPhone running djay Pro AI to power his entire performance! Please enjoy DJ K-SWIZZ’s performance below. :1st_place_medal:


Wow just incredible
What controller is that. Looks like a pioneer. but can’t tell.

Wow — super proof that Algoriddim’s DVS is solid! Well done!

It’s the Pioneer DJM-S7.