3-band Waveforms

I just started to use Djay pro and love the amazing features.
Coming from Denon platform, the complex waveforms does not make as much sense to me as the 3-band waveforms from denon.

  • Can anyone enlighten me to what the different colours mean on the Djay waveforms?
  • Would it be possible to have an equivalent, in simplicity, to a 3-band waveform that would work for stems?
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Hi @DJrav,

  1. If you’re using an iPad, the best way to visualize what the different waveform colors represent is to switch to the Neural Mix split waveform view.
  2. djay Pro uses RGB waveform display. Red represents Bass/Drums (Low frequencies), Green represents Instruments (Mid frequencies), and Blue represents Vocals (High frequencies).
  3. A simplified 3 Band/Color waveform option is not available in djay Pro.

That makes sense. I guess what i am missing is that clear overview of what is going on when everything is playing at once. In djay it is very hard to see what is going on. The 3-band style makes it so easy to see the intensity of each frequency.

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