3 useful suggestions for DJaying

    We can sort tracks by BPM, which is great. But what if we could sort them by key? All you’d have to do was insert this field in the browser window (you can take out the Album field, which I find useless for DJs). Not necessarily the Key tag but maybe rather the Comments tag, where many people store their keys in Camelot or Open Key.

    Bearing in mind that most people keep their MP3 light (128 Kps) and that mixes recorded with djay cannot be studio quality, why not have an option to record the mixes in MP3 and so save up to 10 times as much disk space (iPads aren’t exactely space-savvy).

    I know the app is a bit straightforward, but would create an instructions manual file be that expensive? Let’s face it, at 15,99 euros this isn’t the cheapest app on the market.

Why is keys not supported on the iPad? I am looking to get a Numark iDJ Pro, but 1) It can’t control DJay on the Mac
2) Djay for iOS doesn’t support keys. Workaround is to create smart playlists based on camelot keys in comments, but COME ON!

I’m up for the MP3 recording, this should be standard.

Why not wav? That’s an industry standard.