4 deck layout differences between MacBook vs iPad Pro 12.9 vs 11 inch

Hello. I am quite fond of the MacBook Pro 4 deck layout (which can show me pretty much all relevant features without me having to click around to see them which is critical for controller use and club djing)

I plan on transitioning to iPad from MacBook and need to know:

  1. What are the layout/visibility changes from MacBook to iPad?
  2. Are their layout differences between the 12.9 and 11 inch pro set up? (I.e. don’t have to click to see features as much, more on screen by default etc)

I am particularly interested in 4 deck mode and/or for hardware/controller use (I use mixon 8 pro in 4 deck mode for gigs)

Also, would probably do community a lot of good if there was pictures of each mode across MacBook, iPad , and iPhone devices so users AND prospective buyers could see layout across devices and modes which can make or break a buyers decision.

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Hi @17mics,

  1. Here are some screenshots of 4 deck mode on an iPad Air 4th Gen.
  2. The layout does not differ with different sized iPads. It simply scales up or down in size.

Thank you for this info! Are there any plans to allow users to customize what is viewable like on the MacBook version? For example maybe I want to save space and don’t need to see any of that cross fader stuff. The MacBook version does a great job making things really thin and not tall on the screen. I can see library, fx selected , mixer all in one screen. This is with a vertical 4 deck layout which maybe could help solve this. I don’t mind having wave form view being truncated.

Any thoughts?

You’re welcome @17mics. I’m not permitted to discuss what the dev team is/isn’t working on or has in the pipeline. I recommend that once you have the iPad version of djay and have had time to experiment with it that you create a separate Suggestion topic where you clearly outline your recommendations using screenshots. Then I can communicate this to the dev team for consideration. The suggestion topics also allow other users to Vote for your idea so we can gauge user demand. Thanks!

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