4k Video Support on Mac

When will this be supported? Currently max resolution seems to be 1080 and is not very crisp, looks like 720. Artifacts are Especially visible with visualizer. I’m using video with Tidal so I’m also wondering if Tidal is to blame for low quality.

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Hello @stacktrace ,

Thank you for asking this question here and welcome to the Algoriddim Community.

Just tidying things up around here so I moved your post to the Suggestions category, as it is more of a feature request than a post focused on specific hardware.

This way if anyone has some feedback for you or would like to support your suggestions, they’ll be able to post it here or add their +VOTE.

To answer your question, supporting higher-quality video and resolution for different screens is in the works, although, at the moment, we can’t share any time-line or further information regarding this.

Once more thanks for posting here and for supporting djay. Cheers!

I genuinely didn’t realise until I tried it this week that Djay Pro AI only supports HD and not 4k video? like what the hell?

In 2023 4k is the standard every DJ software should be working to (and every other one is). The fact the software supports the playback and mixing of 4k video means surely it’s more than half way there - just need to enable it for the output.

This should be done as soon as possible