5.0.1 = 5.0 does loose Cue- and Loop-Points if you move a file


moving a file is normal life. With V5 this software is able to shift meta data with the file, finally. But there is a bug, I tried to avoid, loosing all Cue points and Loop points plus generating a error message.

  1. song.mp3 is in my setlist → I delete it (playlist-level)
  2. I move song.mp3 into another folder on my SSD
  3. I import song.mp3 to the setlist of 1. It appears in my playlist. Loading into a deck, DjayPro says: “Unable to load title. There is no such file or folder.”
    a) but it is in the software, visually in my playlist already
    b) close + reopen the app let song.mp3 load onto a deck
    c) all cues and loops are deleted forever, set grid is gone
    d) maybe the meta data like comments, too (could not verify, as V4 wasn’t able to edit metadata in the App).