5.0.1 crashes when certain music folders are opened

So when opening certain music folders from the finder window node or adding those folders then selecting them DJ Pro crashes. Only happens on certain folders though. the folders contain only mp3, or wav audio files. thinking it could be a corrupt file , though i highly doubt this i went through song by song of the same folder on other dj software and they played or loaded without a htch, i then scanned the said folder and no issues reported. again tried to select the folder within DJ Pro and once selected again the programme crashes. folder has roughly 200 songs in it. Using the latest 5.0.1 update on macbook pro 16gb, osx Catalina 10.15.7

Could send a crash log if needed.
Not sure if there is an easier way to send a crash log then to copy paste it though.

Hi @Dario_De_Lima, welcome to the community.

  1. This can be caused by djay reading the metadata of certain (possibly corrupt) files.
  2. Can you please send all files from one of the affected folders to our Dropbox using this link? Dropbox
  3. We need these files in order to reproduce and fix the issue. Thanks!

I have sent the files of the one smaller folders that keeps crashing to the mentioned dropbox, hopefully it is a simple fix and can get resolved.
Will also add that this is on a mid 2012 macbook pro 15" 16gb ram, running OSX Catalina 10.15.7


Great! Thanks for the update @Dario_De_Lima

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