5.0.1 produces serious glitches& stutters after setting cues and loops


V5.0.1 does not like to

  • jump around in the track to listen and set cues
  • jump around and listen to loops

Jump around = means mouse clicking in the waveform. No external controller connected.

Effect is: no normal playing anymore, sounds like a Masterclock is missing now, it glitches and slides and stutters for at least 8-16 bars - then re-calibrate. Any mp3 which worked with V4 is affected.

After re-calibration it comes back if I jump again to another bar with mouse+click.

I can’t reproduce it, but the steps above are the key. I am implementing 14 new tracks to my playlists since 3 days and this bug appears on a regular basis. :frowning:

PS: unable to upload .m4a

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