5.0.2 Crossfader FX MIDI Commands!

Thank you Algoriddim for these additions!
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Re: Transition Now (MIDI Command)
What is the difference between Transition Now and the regular Transition commands? For example, what is the difference between using Transition Now vs. Transition to Inactive Deck?
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I have waited for that, but unfortunately, doesn’t work to me on iPad, iPhone with Xone 96!

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Seems like Transition Now is just a simplified action for those except for Transition to Middle which I don’t really see the use of that. Makes sense why there’s only Transition Now. Nobody is going to transition from Deck 1 to 3 or Deck 2 to 4.

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Hi there
Can someone confirm if 'Toggle Tempo Morph" is a mistake as it doesn’t appear to do anything and is probably supposed to be “Toggle Tempo Blend” which is the missing midi command.

It appears that the midi command works but has no visual confirmation, the wrong name, and it doesn’t update the Tempo Blend Toggle which goes out of sync if you use the midi command.

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@SteNight good catch! You are correct. I’ve been told this will be addressed in the next update.

Thanks Slak_Jaw. Just to let you know. The midi command works in the Windows version where it does toggle the Tempo Blend on and off. I use an IPad to DJ but now cross check on the windows version as they are very close in certain functionality now.

Unfortunately the midi commands for selecting the different cross fader fx’s are pretty much unusable at the moment as there is no visual pop up feed back so you have no idea what you are selecting. So you still have to manually click on the down arrow of the crossfader and then if you try and use midi commands to select an effect it scrolls off the top or bottom of the screen so you again can’t see what you want to select…
What should happen is when I turn my rotary control, it should first pop up the menu at the current setting, then on turning the control the selection should stay in the middle and the fx’s move up and down while turning the knob, then push down to select.

If only :pray:

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