5.0 Bpm glitches!!

Played a session yesterday using the new Djay pro AI 5.0…& it was chaos!!

Video Below
BPM Glitch



  1. This will happen if the song has a variable BPM (ie it changes throughout the track). Prior to 5.0, djay had to apply a constant BPM to the track even if the BPM varied or jumped. Now djay is able to detect these variations and show them in realtime. This is called Dynamic BPM
  2. However, if you prefer a Straight BPM throughout the track and are willing to accept that the beat grid might be off in sections of the song you can change it.
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Except this isn’t that!These are songs with set BPM’s that i synched to mix,& have played MANY times before, with no glitches prior to 5.0! The BPM changed on it’s own, even after i set it!

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Okay @Buddha_Stretch, can you please explain in more detail exactly what the problem is? Is the BPM wrong? Is the beat grid incorrect? Is the BPM jumping around?

Perhaps you could record a video of the problem and upload it to a cloud service like Dropbox or Google Drive and share a link to it here. This will really help to communicate your exact issue so I can share it with the engineering team. Thanks!

@Buddha_Stretch please note that the new BPM and beatgridding system has been entirely rebuilt from the ground up. The new system does cannot reuse your old custom BPM or beat grids. I reanalyzes all songs when they loaded into the new djay 5.0 system.

I posted a video,& NOWHERE did i mention any “custom” BPM or beat grids! The track has it’s OWN bpm listed…i synched the tracks together to mix…nothing new, & the BPM was jumping all over!


Maybe because the bpm Jumps all over? Sounds like a live drummer?

Thanks for the video @Buddha_Stretch. This is helpful.

  1. I’ve forwarded it to the engineering team for review.
  2. However, I agree with @Dysfunk_DJ, it seems like I said above that this song might have a BPM that varies through the track like with a live drummer.
  3. Can you please also upload this track to your cloud service like with the video and share a download link here so we can test it ourselves? Either that or could you please share the exact track title, remix and artist so we can acquire it for review ourselves? Thanks again!

There’s no LIVE drumming! :man_facepalming:t6:…here’s the song

Also there was more than ONE song this happened with!Here’s the other from the picture.


Thanks. This is helpful. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find either of those specific songs on Tidal, SoundCloud or Beatport so I can’t test them myself. I have forwarded this to the engineering team for further review though.

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It might not be a live drummer, but these unquantized Dilla style beats are basically the same.

I can imagine the AI having issues with it. Still, straight gridding should work.


Hi again @Buddha_Stretch,

  1. The engineering team has analyzed the first track and it’s in fact not a straight tempo.
  2. There are parts in the track where it does actually slow down a bit then speed back up. The new system recognizes this and adjusts the BPM in these areas to keep the beat grid in line with the transients of the waveform. This is why you see the BPM changing on screen.
  3. However, if you prefer, you can manually switch the BPM from Dynamic to Straight.
  4. You can also make a lot of manual adjustment to the beatgrid if you desire.
  5. We understand that this works very different to what most people are used to and that it’s potentially confusing.
  6. The dev team will be releasing an FAQ article very soon explaining in detail how the new system works. Sorry for any confusion and thanks for your patience and understanding.

Is there a way to choose the „straight“ option by default for all tracks?
I upgraded to the latest version today and this new feature really messes up the bpm in the middle of the mix for a lot of jungle tracks :confused:

Changing the setting from dynamic to straight for both tracks fixes it but it’s very inconvenient to have to do this for every track individually.

I like the bar counter that was added to the grid though!


I’m having this issue as well. No special bpm changes in the middles of the tracks. This is beyond frustrating. Every update I’m more inclined to stop using this platform.


So if we want to go back to the straight BPM grid we have to do this for each track?! Is this something that’s going to be looked into/fixed? I’ve never had any issues with previous updates and this one has been so frustrating.

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Once you select “Straight” instead of "“Dynamic” it doesn’t lock your selected song to the BPM that you set it to. I understand songs may have decreases and increases in tempo, however, prior to the update this feature was non existent and these same songs still had said “slow downs”, yet you could change the BPM and it would not bounce around regardless of the slower parts.
This new feature is throwing my sets all over the place and is slightly difficult to understand, perhaps you can create a way to turn this feature off COMPLETELY or provide users with a tutorial / better understanding of it?


This is, sadly, so bad that it makes the app unusable for me.
Djay was the best app to mix live-drummed songs, because the app (until 4.0) analyzed a certain STATIC (!) BPM value for every song (even though, we know, the BPM varies slightly).
Then you could prepare the next track by syncing the 2 BPM values (pres sync once.)
Then you just had to press Sync again to start the new track and they are kept in sync (the new track just follows the old).
Wonderful feature!
Now, what do we do now?
The BPM value of the first song changes constantly, no chance to get a sync (same BPM value) before mixing. That means there is never “just a sync press to play the new track in sync” anaymore.
If set to fixed value (which would be super annoying to do that for every song), the beats do not match anymore.
Try this: Love Is In Air by John Paul Young. Mix it into Daddy Cool by Boney M by using the easy method I described.


Is there no way to use the anchors? I haven’t tried personally so I can’t comment. Some tracks might need anchoring in certain parts.

Anchors are available …

I think you’ve spelled out exactly what I miss from the previous version of the app.