A Cart for promos/imaging/drops (automix)

Hello, I very much appreciate your time in reviewing this topic! I really dig the automix feature. One thing that would make this even cooler, is if their was an aditional deck/(cart) for playing drops/imaging/promos. How I see this working is as follows.

In the settings their is a cart tab., you will select at what intervle the cart plays, for example: after every track, after every 2 tracks, after every 4 tracks.

In the Automix section in the main page of Djay, their is an added Cart section, where you add your cart material from your Ipods music library, Cart shuffle would also be an option.

If you had your cart set to play every two tracks, When you start your automix you would hear:
song, song, cart, song, song, cart, etc.

Thank you for your time and considderation of this idea.

Hi Drew,

No worries. Thank you very much for your feedback!
I’ll change this into an idea.

I am sorry this showed up in the problem thread?
I am blind and using a Screen reader, and selected “Idea”, not sure why Problem became the selection. :frowning:

Thank you for doing so, and moving this to the ideas thread. Much appreciated.