A few bits and pieces

Hi all, I’m really getting into Djay and love the new version, it’s fantastic.

I have a few little questions that would really make this work better for me - any help appreciated!

  • Assuming the beatgrid is set properly, what’s the quickest way to jump to the first transient? Currently I have to use the jog wheels, but it’s literally all I use them for and seems like an inefficient way of doing things - I really want to ditch them but can’t until I can figure out a way of doing this!

  • Sometimes when I set autoloop, it doesn’t quantise to the transients - is there a way to force this? If not is there a way through midi of adjusting the starts and ends of loops?

  • Generally is there a way of ensuring a cue point quantises to a transient when it’s set?

  • I really like the looper - but seems you can’t control it with midi or load your own samples? Is that true?

  • Is there a way to stop Djay jumping to max wet on each FX every time I load a new tune? It’s really annoying!

  • There’s a little recording thing above the looper but I can’t for the life of me figure out what it’s for - where does that recording go?

Any advice would be really helpful!!


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Hi Louis,

Hopefully I can answer these!

Probably placing a cue point.

Which loop system are you using specifically?

There’s no quantise for cues, but you can zoom in on the waveform if you need to be precise. Otherwise, sync will ensure that slightly mis-stepped cues are corrected when playing.

There should be MIDI for performing with the looper. You can’t load samples because the looper packs are designed to be perfectly in time with the tempo. User made samples would have to be perfectly quantised, or a time stretch/sync engine implemented.

You can disable resetting parameters on track load, if that helps?

Do you mean above the sampler? This is for recording sequences when you perform using the sample pads.

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Hi Dan,

Thanks for the reply! This has really helped. There were only two I wanted to follow up on:

Probably placing a cue point.

My question probably wasn’t very clear - the question is how do I get quickly to the right place in order to set a cue point? Djay often loads a track right at the beginning of the audio file, but the first transient is a few seconds after that. Is the only way to get to the first transient to use the jog wheels? I guess I was hoping there was a way assuming the grid was correct there might be a way to jump to this point without jog wheels.

Do you mean above the sampler? This is for recording sequences when you perform using the sample pads.

Yes, that’s the one! I had assumed that was the case, but I can’t figure out where the recording goes or where you play it?

The sequencer just records your steps, not the audio.

Unless you prep a track with a start point (which has a toggle in the General settings) there isn’t a way to just jump to the first downbeat.

I hope I understand your questions. First make sure you Analyze all your song. The Transient is that your mixing point like using that sound as a mixing part use a cue point. So you know when to start your transition.

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