A few bugs! 'Track not available' bug with Automix


I seem to have found a few bugs with djay Pro AI 3.1.9 which can be consistently reproduced:

Link to screenshots (I’m a ‘new’ user so not allowed to post them all!) → https://postimg.cc/gallery/m7PNtyj

Issue 1 - In Automix view, Skip button does nothing

Steps to reproduce:

  • Open djay pro

  • Switch to Automix view (Shuffle is enabled)

  • Select Music playlist

  • Click Automix
    See Screenshot 1-1

  • Change to another playlist

  • Click Skip - doesn’t work!
    See Screenshot 1-2

  • Click ‘Mix Now’ - next track is mixed in OK

  • Track playing - ‘Skip’ still does nothing
    See Screenshot 1-3

  • Double click a track in the browser to play OR a track from the automix playlist (Starts playing on left deck)

  • Pressing Skip now works OK
    See Screenshot 1-4

Issue 2 - Next track is duplicated from the left deck (Automix view)

Steps to reproduce:

  • Open djay pro

  • Select a playlist - Music is used in this example

  • Switch to Automix view (Enable shuffle if not enabled)

  • Drag top track from Automix playlist to the left deck
    See Screenshot 2-1

  • Right deck will now have the same track loaded
    See Screenshot 2-2

Issue 3 - ‘Track Not Available’ error + same error when clicking ‘Skip’

(Similar steps to Issue 2 above)
Steps to reproduce:

  • Open djay pro

  • Select a playlist - Music is used in this example

  • Switch to Automix view (Enable shuffle if not enabled)

  • Drag top track from Automix playlist to the left deck
    See Screenshot 3-1

  • Switch Playlist (To Playlist 2 in this example)
    See Screenshot 3-2

  • At this point do A or B for slightly different result:
    A) If you then double click a song in the playlist - ‘Track not available’ error is displayed (Press OK)
    See Screenshot 3-3
    Clicking Skip will then show the error again (Note the Automix playlist gets shuffled / changed each time)
    See Screenshot 3-4
    B) Instead of double clicking a song in the playlist, drag it to the left deck - it will play but then clicking Skip will then show the error (Note the Automix playlist gets shuffled / changed each time)
    Not including screenshot for this.

I hope the above all makes sense!

Found another…

Issue 4 - Automix will stop mixing if track is ejected

If automix is enabled and playing, then the deck is stopped, automix turned off and then the track ejected from the deck - when automix is turned on the next decks track will begin to play and transition in - but then no track will be loaded on the other deck so automix is then stuck not mixing anything!

Steps to reproduce:

  • Turn on Automix and start playing
  • Stop playing + Stop Automix
  • Eject the track from the active deck (left deck in automix view) by using the Deck menu → Eject
  • Start automix - Next track transitions in
  • When next track has finished coming in and is now the ‘active’ deck, you can see no track is then loaded on the other deck - automix is now no longer mixing!

Issue 4 I’m actually having trouble reprodicing consistently now but I highly suspect is related to the other issues 1 and 3 somehow.

Will update further if I find the consistent way !

Hi @eddr,

First of all, welcome to our Community! And thanks so much for bringing these bugs to our attention and for providing such good detail on how to reproduce the issues. That’s very helpful to understand exactly what’s going on so our team can further investigate.

I’ll address each of the issues you’ve raised separately, just to provide you with a little more information as well.

Issue 1 - In Automix view, Skip button does nothing

I was able to reproduce this issue and have sent all of this information to our Development Team for further investigation. I’ll keep you posted as soon as I have any updates.

I wanted to point out that in your Screenshot 1-2, you demonstrated changing to Playlist 2. However, please note that just by clicking on the name of that playlist in your My Collection library list of playlists, this will not change the Automix playlist. You can see the current active Automix source at the top of the Automix panel, as shown here:

To actually change the Automix playlist to Playlist 2, you’d need to double-click on or drag one of the songs from that playlist onto the Automix deck.

Issue 2 - Next track is duplicated from the left deck (Automix view)

I wasn’t able to reproduce this on our devices here. Does this happen to you every time you try to load a song in Automix view this way? Or only sometimes? Does this happen upon first launching djay, or after playing tracks in djay using another view for awhile beforehand (e.g., Classic, Pro, etc.)?

Issue 3 - ‘Track Not Available’ error + same error when clicking ‘Skip’

I’m also not able to reproduce this issue on our devices here. For the “Track not available” error message in your screenshot, this may pop up if you have, for example, moved any of your tracks recently. Could this be the case? If you clicked on the “Relink Missing Files…” option on that pop up, and follow the instructions to relink there, does that help at all?

Regarding the Automix playlist ‘refreshing’ each time, as you pointed out in your screenshots, please note that this happens because that “shuffle” option is active on the Automix playlist panel. If you don’t want it to reshuffle, please deactivate that option.

I’ll address Issue 4 in the next post!

Hi again, continuing with Issue 4 here!

Issue 4 - Automix will stop mixing if track is ejected

I also wasn’t able to reproduce this issue using the steps you provided. As you also said you were having trouble reproducing this consistently, then I would ask that you please update further if you find a reliable way to reproduce the issue. I’ll also keep trying on our devices here in the meantime.

Thanks again for bringing all of your findings to our attention! We appreciate you helping us to keep improving the app. Hope to hear from you again.

Hey Emily,

Thanks for the reply - appreciated! :slight_smile:

Regarding the double clicking of the playlists to change the Automix playlist - this only works if automixing is stopped which is a shame as it means you have to stop automixing, double click it then start it again ?

I’ve uploaded some screen recordings showing Issue 2 + Issue 3 - albeit the steps in Issue 3 slightly differ to the steps I may have provided - but certainly on the day, the steps I provided in the post were consistently reproducing the issue! (Strange). But you can see I’m able to reproduce the ‘Track not available’ errors quite easily.

Issue 2 → - YouTube
Issue 3 → - YouTube / - YouTube / Issue 3 3 - YouTube

I’ll keep trying to reproduce Issue 4 :slight_smile:

Hey @Emily

Any update here? I hope the videos help?

Hi @eddr,

Thanks for the nudge. My apologies for the late reply!

Issue 1 - In Automix view, Skip button does nothing
I don’t have any updates on this from our Development Team, but they are aware of the issue and are looking into it for future developments.

You also asked about the double-clicking of playlists to change the Automix playlist, and how this would stop Auto-mixing… you are absolutely right about that! If you don’t want it to stop in the middle of the currently playing song, what you can do instead is drag-and-drop a song from the new desired playlist to the “Up Next” position on the Automix deck, and then you’ll see the Automix Current Playlist Source change to the new playlist, as shown here:

Issue 2 - Next track is duplicated from the left deck (Automix view)
Your video on YouTube clearly shows the issue you’ve described occurring; however, I’m still not able to reproduce it on our devices here. When I follow exactly the steps you’ve shown, the song loads as expected for currently playing and then the next song on the playlist loads into the Up Next slot. Could you please confirm that you’re on the latest version of djay Pro AI - 3.1.10, when this occurs? Could you also please share what version of macOS you’re currently using?

Issue 3 - ‘Track Not Available’ error + same error when clicking ‘Skip’
Thanks for sharing the videos of this issue. I was now able to reproduce it following the steps shown in your videos, and I’ve passed all of the information about this to our Development Team for investigation. I’ll keep you posted here with any updates. That is a strange one that I haven’t seen before!

Issue 4 - Automix will stop mixing if track is ejected
Yes, please share any additional info you can about how to reliably reproduce this issue. I still haven’t been able to do that on our devices.

Sorry again for not getting back to you sooner. I really appreciate you taking the time to share those videos of the other issues. It really helps us to keep improving djay!


Regarding Issue 2 - I’ve managed to reproduce this consistently, in Pro view:

  1. Have Automix already playing with tracks queued up etc.
  2. Wait for automixing to happen or click the ‘transition to next song’ button. While the transition is happening, click ‘Stop automix’ + Stop playing EACH deck.
  3. Eject the track from the OPPOSITE deck which would play - for example if the crossfader is now on deck 2, eject the track from deck 1.
  4. Click ‘Start Automix’ - the track which is on the active deck is now duplicated to the other deck as well!

Hopefully you can replicate this now :slight_smile:

I have not been able to reproduce Issue 4 again for some time - so that’s strange.

I have identified another issue as well:

Issue 5 - Changing the BPM of the deck by clicking the BPM and typing it in, does not change the Tempo / BPM. Moving the tempo slider however does change the BPM.

Thanks for continuing to share your findings and feedback with us!

For Issue 2, I was now able to reproduce this using the steps you’ve provided. That does seem like it could be a bug, and the steps to reproduce it are very specific which may be why we haven’t encountered this one yet. I’ll pass this along to our Dev Team for further investigation, and get back to you with any updates. Thanks for pointing it out!

Regarding Issue 5, the functionality you’ve found is expected when performing the actions you’ve described. If you change the BPM by typing it in, this is meant to be a method for you to manually adjust the BPM in a more “permanent” way if djay analyzes it wrong for any reason, and you will see alterations made to the beatgrid when you type in a different number. Please note that “permanent” is in quotes because this can always be undone if you prefer to go back to the original BPM analysis by tapping “Restore”. Moving the tempo slider will immediately change the tempo of the playing track, impacting the BPM in the moment but this is not set as a “permanent” state. You may find it helpful to read section 5.4 BPM and tempo starting on page 73 of the djay Pro AI for macOS manual, which you can find here:

Please let me know if you have any other questions at this time. :headphones:

Thanks Emily…

Makes sense RE Issue 5, at least I understand that now :slight_smile:

Is there any way to set a BPM and keep it at that BPM forever so that automix stays at the BPM forever until changed, regardless of whether tracks are ejected / loaded etc?

No problem! I’m happy to help. :slightly_smiling_face:

As for the BPM, there isn’t a way to set this currently so that Automix uses a specific BPM forever, even when tracks are ejected/loaded. However, one method that may help you out is that you can set the BPM of the first track you load to whatever you wish using the Tempo slider, and then if you set the Automix Tempo adjust settings to “Sync”, you’ll find that all of the incoming tracks in the current Automix playlist will adjust to the same BPM. Here’s where you can find those settings:

Let me know if that works for you!

In addition, could you share a little more about how you’re using Automix and in what case you’d like to have a setting where the BPM could be fixed forever (or until you change it)? Understanding how you’d like to use such a feature helps our team when planning for future developments. Thanks in advance!

Thanks @Emily

Yea I’ve discovered ensuring using the Sync option + making sure the Sync buttons on each deck are always enabled tends to keep things in sync but its a bit of a battle checking it.

With regards to the use case / usage of Automix… where to start :slight_smile: I’m part of a radio station which at the moment when there is no live DJ on air, uses just a simple auto generated playlist of songs and no mixing etc. We’re hoping to switch over to using djay’s automix function - I’ve been testing it in various different scenarios (hence finding a few issues here and there!) and creating apple scripts so we can remotely control djay which are executed over a web interface and called by other scripts / programs…

When a DJ comes off air and the radio playout system is put into ‘auto dj’ djay Pro will start automixing - it stops hourly so that adverts are played (automix is stopped and the active deck is stopped) then when the adverts finish playing automix continues. There’s a lot more going on but this is just a brief summary :slight_smile:

I forgot to actually add the reason for a fixed BPM - we would like to just be able to set a ‘master’ BPM and not have to worry about stopping + starting decks / automixing getting in the way of the BPM changing.

We want our playlists to play at a fixed BPM regardless basically :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing the additional details! I can see why this would help given your use case. I’ve shared this with our team for future consideration.

In the meantime, the best workaround solution would be to load the initial track for Automix, change the BPM using the Tempo slider to your desired BPM, and make sure the Automix Tempo adjust settings are set to “Sync”.

Thanks again and feel free to reach out any time.

Just wanted to update this thread really quickly with some good news. The “Track Not Available” error bug has been resolved in the latest version of djay Pro AI, v4.0! Have a great day!

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