A few concerns/issues...

Overall, this works VERY VERY well but I have a few issues.

  1. No bitrate Column - PLEASE add a column for bitrate. Should be a fairly easy addition.

  2. Search - It works great but the font is small. Can this font match the size of what the track listing is?

  3. Search - Can we eliminate columns that we don’t need? I would have no need to see BPM or Key. Others will need this, so can this be an option?

  4. Queue - Again, the font needs to be adjustable.

  5. Scrolling - Two finger scrolling is choppy at times. (Macbook Pro, I7, 16 Gigs Ram)

  6. Cue Point - With the round cue point button right next to the play button, it is VERY easy to hit the wrong button. Not sure what can be done but that has been my experience.

  7. PLEASE update the software on a consistent basis. One of my (and others) BIGGEST concern is that updates took MONTHS. That won’t work anymore with the number of great software out there now.

That’s it for now…

Yep, that’s the answer… Because I want my software to crash all the time.

And Serato’s interface looks like it was done by an 8 year old…

Anything to help when Serato crashes on you, I guess.

Serato must be VERY desperate to have people posting a sale on other dj software web sites… THAT is desperate!

now THAT we can agree on.

But yet you did… kind of weird, coming on a competitor site and posting.

Again, sounds VERY desperate. Especially when the software crashes ALL the time, according to the Serato forums and posts on Facebook. I had a friend who had 1000+ people in his club and it crashed. He has used it for YEARS and it just crashed.

So, if that is the product you want to promote because it’s on sale… go ahead but people are laughing at ya!

Not a fan of sersto personally, but the idea it crashes all the time is BS. And the idea that Jose is from them desperately pushing their sale is just silly. The fact that this software is a toy is a reality. DJay Pro…now with still virtually no Pro controller support. What a joke. This company should be ashamed calling this Pro. They simply do not support the desktop version, they are greatest the iOS stuff no doubt, but this version is just as toy as that. And to top it they’ve removed the only good reason to break it out at a party…the remote app. What a bunch of fools. How can any one miss the fact their controller support is virtually non existent and buy the Pro BS.

Just pick up Serato DJ 50% off $64

Very smart 8 year old. I need him in my corner for sure.

Sit and wait for your concerns/issues. Let see how long it take to fix.

Serato don’t need me to post for them here. It all over the net.

Is not only the software it’s the customer service and update and upgrade discount for old customer. The software will not crash if you music file are in good quality. Check Dj TeckTools on why software crash.