A few more macro down options on Crossfader Fusion FX

I love using crossfader FX and I’m using it more and more however most of my music is non electronic Latin, Afro, Funk etc and most of the Fx available on crossfader FX are a bit too techy and dramatic for my music and I’m finding myself limited to only a couple of options .
It would be nice to have some smoother options available to suit more styles of music.
Personally I find the macro down FX nice for my style such as Landing,Cooldown,Underwater and Distance.
It would be nice to have a couple of calmer options added on the next update.


Thanks for the suggestion! Good idea. I have forwarded this to the dev team for consideration. Thanks!


To some I guess the mere existence of crossfader fusion is considered heinous but for me doing a few regular low paid bar gigs it’s priceless.
I’m not going to spend hours meticulously planning sets and mixes for low pay work.
I can also get a bit more adventurous and spontaneous with music choices.
Looking forward to its continued development.