A few questions

Hello, new to Djay pro. Using a macbook pro. Just bought the program.

Using it as a video DJ with videos stored locally.

First can I make a play list with videos I have stored on my hard drive? I see playlist from spotify but not away to make a play list outside of spotify. I play music videos in “video mode”. Don’t use Itunes at all.

Second question, I understand how to drop Cue points on the video waveform. How can get the music video to start and stop automatically at those cue points. I have tried using automix and the videos ignore the cue points unless I click on one. Remember these are videos I have stored locally, not from Itunes.

Last question for now, Can we somehow see when a video in the que will play? Either a time or how long before it will play. I have a old DJ program and it tells you when a song will play.

Hi there,

will answer your questions chronologically. 
Just like music playlists you can store movies in playlists via iTunes.
Regarding your second question, you want to stop the track at certain Cue Points am I getting this right?
Are you referring to the Automix mode, do you want to see when the next track will slide in?

Thank you for answering my follow up questions.

Cheers,Lukas E.

The last question i was asking had to do with a ETA. Can Djay tell me when a video will play. Something like 01:25;35 from now. That way if someone request a song i can say, it’s set to play in one hour twenty five minutes.

So I have to use iTunes even for videos i have stored on my hard drive? Thought iTunes was just for buying music.

About cue points, in need to set a start point to skip the credits on some videos. These start points need to be able to work while in automix. So lets say a video has 45 seconds of text at the beginning and another 30 at the end. I only want to middle to actually play. I know i can skip that manually but how can it be done automatically?