A few requests:

  1. Add the ability to see when the track was played last.
  2. Add the ability to rate a song from within Djay Pro (May have already requested this)
  3. Add the ability to search for a track in any playlist. (global search). Search within iTunes does not work properly. It does not display important criteria.
  4. Save playlists from the Queue, within the software.


  1. Add the ability to re-analyze tracks.
  1. Add the ability to “skip silence” at the beginning of the track.

No, search is fixed perfectly for me. What are the specs of your machine?

If you are using the latest version, it’s VERY good now.

The next update will be coming with a way faster searching tool.
@DJsvk: Hopefully you can be patient until then!

djmagicmoments - are you finding even after the 1.1.3 update that the search is still super slow? The old program is much better in my opinion - just doesn’t have spotify…