A&H Xone:K2 Controller with Audio Interface


I’m thinking to get a Xone:K2 controller with built-in Audio interface and would love to use it with djay on Mac and on iPad. It’s very reasonably priced, feature rich and yet very portable. From one side, it’ll be good addition for my traktor/S4, on another, it would be great for use with Djay, which I tend to prefer lately on many occasions.

On Mac, all it needs is a proper mapping, which I could do myself, but ultimately best if you have a built-in mapping out of the box.

On iPad, I wish it would be mapped for control in djay & vjay, and also, I wish we can cheat the Audio I/O and have the first stereo pair of audio split to both outputs with proper output levels. Perhaps the audio split could be achieved with a firmware update by A&H…

even the iPhone djay app can benefit big time if this controller can be used with it.

Have you guys considered providing Xone:K2 support for Djay/Vjay? It’s very likely that A&H will like the idea a lot and will cooperate on a FW update (special split mode on both outs), as that is likely to open a significant market for them, considering the huge user base of djay & vjay.



About iPad and K2, just to say that if you have an iOS6 version, you will benefit from two separate channels (1-2 and 3-4) by default ==> good point

I have been trying to set the K2 to lot of different midi channels but no luck to control djay with it

Maybe they use sysex messages instead of standard cc, note on …

Could be great if something was made in order to use K2 as an official controller for djay

I confirm that a powered usb adapter is required as the iPad is not powerful enough.
I also confirm that audio comes on 4 channels (1-2 and 3-4) if you are with iOS6.x.

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Hello, is a powered USB hub needed for it to work? Also have you tried other apps like dj player for midi control, I’m sure they use standard cc.

Yeah power adapter is required. Audio comes out just 2 channels (not all 4) on ipad. And all lights and buttons and faders/encoders work on DJ Player. Once I’m happy with my mapping (and if the audio gets fixed), i’ll certainly look to put it up on djtechtools mapping

Yeah raised a support ticket for DJ player (awesome support btw) and they told me to upgrade to iOS 6 and works like a charm! Damn that sound card is beefy and loud!

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