A.i. Is terrible

The new djay 2018

Please add option to use Cue points during
Automix like the Mac Version
I’m sorry Team. The A.i. Simply sucks.
If djay won’t allow me to choose my own cue points to mix my music, then what’s the point in allowing me to create them in the first place.
Let down…

The lack of that option to use them instead of the A.i. Like on the Mac.
IOs version Shouldn’t have been released without it.
In my opinion, the A.i. Is a failure and should be removed. If it’s suppose to learn, it’s not.
I would say that if you’re going to program A.i to learn when to mix in and out of any song, why not program it to use the real Djs cue points?

Hey Lukas,

This is the feed where settings for the Mac will solve the IOS version. https://c.getsatisfaction.com/algorid…
A screen shot of the Mac version

I beg of you to get this done.
Simply useless without this feature

A.I. Still overwrites End Cue points if the End Cue point itself is set after A.I’s End position
This effects the new 3.1.1 iOS update.
And still was never address the Mac version.
This now is an issue with All devices
Mac, iOS
Please try it…set your End Cue after an End A.I. End point.

Please add an option to turn off A.i.

This has been a problem since AI’s creation.
How is it that this doesn’t seem to bother anyone here.
This puzzles me how a simple on/off switch for AI doesn’t exist. Super frustrating.

Hi LaidbackFred,

I am very sorry to hear that.

Are you referring the usage of Start and Stop Cue Points for the transition ranges of the Automix?

Cheers,Lukas E.

Hi LaidbackFred,

thank you for your feedback.

We will provide this very soon.

Please feel free to give us more feedback about our new app.

Cheers and happy new year,Lukas E.

Hi Fred, 

This is on our agenda. We will do our best in order to provide a solution as fast as possible.

Sorry for the time passed.

Lukas E.

Yes very important, in Automix mode on iPhone , we need the system to recognize the start cue and end cue when switching between songs.

Help - this is a HUGE issue and really needs to be sorted.  

AI cue point is too far into the song - the best bit’s missing - please update us on progress - surely its not that hard!