A month old... no updates!

One month old and not a SINGLE update. You have heard allot of “we are aware of the problem and are looking into it”.

So guys, how is that working for you?

What kind of problems are you having exactly? I don’t recall receiving any emails from you regarding any specific problems.

Also, you make it sound like 1 or even 2 months is a long time in a software development cycle - it’s really not.

We don’t release an update every so and so weeks just to be able to say that we release updates frequently. We’ll release an update when it’s ready.

Almost TWO months old and NO updates and no problems solved…


The forums are LOADED with problems that people are having and not a single one has been addressed. Not a one!

IT IS A LONG TIME… You should have an update as soon as things are fixed. However, it did take 2+ years for an update to djay. FIX things and then release an update. Why do you take 6 months to a year to fix things?

The software is a joke to professionals. It really is. Your midi capabilities are laughable. No support for popular controllers.

And, only ONE person answering customer problems. Always with the same response, “we are looking into that now”.

Your pro product only supports spotify. No other real improvements.

It’s a shame. I had high hopes.

I have come to the conclusion that you just could care less. NOTHING will make you do anything different. As long as you get that money.


AND, why did you give a discount to Jason Vice for the software that all of us had to pay $49 for?

Why did HE get a discount and no one else?

And then an update comes out… okay.