A single pitch control button for synced tracks

It can be a great addition to create a pitch control for the master out. For example, if two tracks are synced and played at the same time, the control will permit us to speed up or slow down the tracks at the same level.

Thanks for reading!

Hi Mr. Nyck,

Do you have a Mac, iPad or iPhone?

This feature is already implemented in djay 2 for iPad/iPhone. If the tracks are in “Perfect Sync” (= sync button lights up in blue), then adjusting the pitch on one side will automatically also adjust the other.

By the way, you can turn on “Perfect Sync” by pressing the sync button twice.

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

The FX volume issue will be fixed with an update.

Hi Warren,

Thanks for the prompt answer & tips! I’m on a Mac, guess I have to switch then, or wait for a new version of Djay for Mac :).

And another thing, on Djay for Mac, playing the echo FX automatically put the volume slightly down, I think it would be better if the volume doesn’t change.

Thanks again.