A way to export now playing title and artist metadata to a file

Hi to all,
Is someone know a way to export Title-Artist metadata of the current playing track to a file?
The idea is to display these infos automatically.
Thanks for your help.

are you using the Mac or the iOS app ?
if using the Mac app, perhaps it would work with Audio Hijack app…I’ll try and report.

thanks for the answer, I use Mac and I also have Hijack, so let me know if you find a way :slight_smile:


i confirm it works if you livestream or broadcast using Audio Hijack:
just select ‘application’ then ‘djay’ in the track source option


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Nice thank you, it helped very much!!!

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you’re welcome :slight_smile:

Even though Audio Hijack takes this automatically, for anyone interested: When you play a track in djay for Mac, you can find the song’s metadata in a file under:

on djay PRO 2:
~/Music/djay Pro 2/djay Media Library.djayMediaLibrary/NowPlaying.txt
on djay PRO AI
~/Music/djay/djay Media Library.djayMediaLibrary/NowPlaying.txt

This is the format:

Title: Ms. Jackson
Artist: OutKast
Album: Stankonia
Time: 04:32
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You need to go into the broadcast tab and select metadata, then you can select Artist, Track Title and/or Album as well as free text. This is embedded and transmitted at every song change. So if you ar ein say Second life then in the local chat you will see like:

[2021/02/28 07:26:11] Second Life: Now playing: Richard Marx - Hold On To The Nights

I think the photo makes it clear on how to set the broadcast block

Hi - is there an iOS solution? Would be a great tool for live streams.


I’d like very much to display metadata on DjPro video output.
Is that so hard to implement?

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