Abelton Link and StageLight

I have the application STAGELIGHT on my iPad that supports Abelton Link.  The way I believe it works is a device becomes the Master clock and all the other devices then stay in sync.  So the Active deck is the source of BPM…you need to make DJAY active first using preferences and turning on Abelton…then join the other devices.  On the initial connection, StageLight see the BPM of the active deck…but when I switch decks, and move the fader all the way over one way or another, the BPM is not changing.  I emaile StageLight developer as well…but am I mistaken that as I fade from deck to deck…the BPM in Abelton Link should update as well?  Is there a way to make sure Djay is ALWAYS the master sync?

okay, so part of the problem was the SYNC light on the active deck needs to be on…then everything syncs (still no start/stop when you stop/start the deck).   

It would be nice to NOT have to use the sync feature and for the BPM to match placement in the song…which I don’t think is happening right now…also…there has to be a better way to turn on the syncing…because as we know the sync buttons have a very specific feature for blending songs etc…and it makes it really difficult to use 2 decks and keep without the second deck going crazy to match the BPM of the previous deck…even if you are NOT trying to beatmatch.

PLEASE find a different way to enable the syncing with Abelton link (should just turning it on be good enough…or maybe a button in the interface, or something.  This is cumbersom and frankly unworkable at the moment.  However, it DOES work.

If I start/stop the deck, it should start stop the lighting sequence etc…

Thank you.