Ability to switch off/minimize/optimize UI panels in DjayPro AI (for controller use)

The screen is overloaded with visual controls, which is redundant, when using controller (either on iPad or Mac)…

Please have UI and MIDI ways to enable/disable the following panels:

  1. mixer section (tone control, filter, volume, gain, level meter)
  2. transport section (play, cue, loop size, etc)
  3. Cross Fader, CF Assign, Pitch/Tempo, Sync state
  4. Looper panel visibility, and its modes Just MIDI command, as the UI button is there.
  5. Neural Mix Panel. Just MIDI command, as the UI button is there.
  6. Pro Mode & 4 decks Mode direct MIDI command. (The “Next View Mode” has functional implications and is not usable in live environment)
  7. 4 Decks Pro Mode - 2 on each side, Serato style. With controller optimised variant w/o mixer and/or transport controls for larger waveforms
  8. “Toggle Tools” Midi command displays very large and impractical view of the tools panel. If Tools is selected from the UI button, it’s much tighter.
  9. “Toggle Waveforms” MIDI command

+1 for this. I would also like to see more options for customizing the screen layout. In particular I have no use for the spinning Serato style wheels in 2 Deck mode. I would prefer to see more of the waveform while still being able to see the music library. Thanks.

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