Ableton link button gone ??

just noticed my ableton link function has gone ??

went to advanced settings to make sure it was turned on and the ableton link button at the top is no longer there

there was a logon option, which i don’t think was there before ?? but ableton link buttons gone

how do i turn on ableton link without the button ??

()also, it would appear all the looper packs I have previously downloaded have gone, go to download them again and it says i need a pro subscription, which i have

In macOS the Ableton Link is in the Main Volume panel.
Screenshot 2023-12-10 at 12.29.33 AM

In iOS the Ableton Link is on the main Settings page.

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awesome, thank you very much, that works fine

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Nice one @Michael_Wisniewski. Thanks for the solution!

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