Ableton Link ON and OFF Midi mappable.

Hello Algoriddim. In one of my tests here, where I use Ableton Link with my Maschine, I missed being able to map the Link On and Off Function. Being able to have a button mapped exclusively for this function would be very interesting. Ableton Link on Djay works really well, allowing you to turn it on and off without affecting the sync between the Decks and the sampler, so we can use loops in the decks, create Beats in the Sampler and use some synth for melodies on other equipment like the Maschine , Ableton itself or another iPad for example… What do you think? @Guillermo

Hey @Fernando_Midi,

I think that’s a great idea, and it has actually been requested to us by another user in the past. We’ll push this topic internally and we’ll get back to you when there’s any update on this.

Thanks for helping us improve djay:)

Cheers, G