Ableton Link or Midi clock MTC inclusion and Sync

Would be so good to have Djay Pro on all platforms send or recieve Midi Clock or Ableton Link… being able to synchronize to the current song and add additional synths drum loops lighting fx and external FX or software like ableton would set this software above and ahead of all the others…

You guys are way ahead on streaming integration, if you nail this option soon and add it soon… you will be unbeatable!!!

Serato has tried but its not the best and not stable they alsontry with tidal streaming, but their audii analysis is a bit quirky (in otger words its sucks lol)

Let Algoriddim take us to the future!!!

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It works fine with Serato and the iPad version. They link up just fine

Hi Corey,

This is planned and on our agenda.

Cheers,Lukas E.

This is a major point on our agenda.

I am sorry that I can not tell any specific date, I hope you understand.

Lukas E.

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when is it planned? end of july i have a gig and want to import hardware sync with djay en ableton link - windows version.thanks

Lukas E … when will Ableton Link be available on DJ Pro? You said it was planned …!