Ableton link - when to use it, any experience?

Hi, I am interested to learn more about how and when to use Ableton Link. Anyone with experience? And with what other hardware or software do you link Djay Pro to?

Hi, it works wells when put other instruments with, like drum, samples or Acapellas.
Or if you want to sync with lights or midi instruments With Ableton.

Hope have help.

Hi Andre, Thanks a lot for your answer! When do you use Ableton Link mostly yourself? Lights, midi instruments…? And what is your experience? Cheers

It works pretty well with Ableton or Serato on another computer.

The only downside for me is that it reduces the quantizing of trigger pads (cue points) to quarter notes. In Serato you can still trigger in 16th/32nds even while in Link mode.

Hi, I cannot wrap my head around the Ableton link feature. Anyone who can present some good examples when and how to use it? And why does it set Synch to all decks when turned on? Cheers!

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