Ableton live link only works in one direction

Hi all. I have a computer running live (both 9 and 11, not at the same time). I also have an 11” iPad Pro running Djay. Both are connected to a Denon MC6000MK2 (djay is in internal mixer mode). I’ve done the following procedure:

  1. enable live link on Djay in settings
  2. enable live link in ableton.
  3. press sync on both decks (running in 2 deck mode).

Both decks will then set themselves to the bpm in ableton. So far, so good.

My issue is that if there’s a bpm change in Djay, via the pitch faders, Ableton doesn’t follow suit. But if I change the bpm in Ableton, the speed of playing decks DOES update.

Basically it seems to act like the ableton is a master clock rather than the expectation that “new links take the bpm of the oldest device on the network, then tempo is set by the last device to change tempo.”

For other info, windows 10 laptop is using ASIO4ALL drivers for the sound output, which I only mention because I think live requires ASIO drivers for Link.

Anyone have any ideas on how to get bidirectional (or hell, even UNIDIRECTIONAL with Djay as master) control of tempo?

Lastly, I’ve been using Djay for seven years (since the Numark controller that integrated it and an iPad, and that I’d love to see again :slight_smile: ). Thanks for such an amazing bit of software!

Setting Master Tempo in Live Link

The first app or Live instance to join a Link session will set the initial tempo for the others. Any Link-enabled apps or instances of Live can then change their tempo at any time and all others will follow. If multiple participants try to change the tempo simultaneously, everyone else will try to follow, but the last one who changes the tempo will “win.”

Tempo changes made by any participant in a Link session will override tempo automation in your Live Set.

That’s how it it SUPPOSED to work, but in my case not how it IS working. I start Djay. Live isn’t even launched yet. I press SYNC on the decks. Then i turn on Link in djay.

Then i start Ableton live, and turn on link. If it was working properly, it would take the bpm from Djay, but it doesn’t. I can move the pitch faders, and Ableton stays at its bpm.

However, if i change Ableton’s tempo, it does adjust Djay.