Ableton Support

Hello there,

I am interested in incorporating Ableton Live with my Djay setup.

Is there a known support forum for Ableton Live online I could go to that anyone might know of to chat with a community for Live related issues as their support services have setback delays at the moment?


Here you go →

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Also try

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I’m pondering this - if I can route my djay mix through Live to make use of plugins, say, a multiband compressor and then maybe a limiter that I can control more than just the brick wall output limiting in djay, I’ll be all over this like white on rice.
What do I need to know about latency and limitations? Should I refamiliarize myself with Ozone (he asks optimistically) ???

I’ve done this. 4 separate decks into Live. Latency is not a prob.

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I’m going to have to install it on my Mac - I’ve a free version that was included with my digital console.