About hand over of "histroy" in new djay(subscription)

I heard that “session history” is lost in updating “djay Pro” to new djay(subscription).
“session history” is useful. I always use “session history”.
So I hasitate this update.

Question 1.
Is“Session history”of djay pro handed over to new djay(subscription)?

Question 2.
In the case (not handed over), can I share my history of djay pro, new djay(subscription), and djay pro2(mac) via icloud.
Or can I import “history” on djay pro to “history” on new djay(subscription)?

#Refer the following post question.

This is such an important omission.

What bothers me is that, we moved to subscription model expecting better support and yet no one from Alogriddim even cares to reply to this topic. Am I exaggerating, or do you feel neglected too?


Hi there,
About question 1: History session is there in the new version. What is missing altough is the very useful “export session playlist” to spotify.
This is certainly a step back from the previous version. Why that? Honestly cannot say!

Yes, look after the clock icon on the my library tab.

You are welcome!
Now what is missing is the ability to export our sessions to a spotify playlist, as we were able to do in previous djay versions.
Algoriddim has promised to fix this, but nothing until now.
Another great feature would be to add a track to any spotify playlist right from djay, not just save it to spotify as it is today.

Does anyone know if it is possible to see past sessions in history in the new subscription version? I have played perhaps 50 sets since downloading it yet none appear to be saved in the breakout box on the lower right of the screen. That box only ever shows the current session’s history. Are no others saved?

mine is on an ipad and i don’t actually know what you mean by the my library tab - sorry tchesco. any chance you can attach a screenshot of that tab - and the clock please?

the break-out bit on the bottom right has a clock - next to icons for queue, match and automix - but that’s where there is only ever one session saved (the current one)

thanks mate - i’d been looking in a different spot on the bottom right and missed the little clock below the my library list (only saw the playlists). really appreciate the graphic pointer here

yeah the former is a glaring omission. sucks to be gouged for a massively inflated subscription premium despite countless past purchases only to be served up less functionality (and ultra-delayed customer service - where it even exists).

Ouch… this was a key feature for me… I hope they have plans to bring this back!!!