About Hercules DJControl Mix vs Starlight

Sorry if these questions seem a bit daft, but I have googled this and found info to be a bit vague on DJControl Mix so would gratefully appreciate any insight from anyone’s who’s actually used it.

I’ll be using an iPad with usb-c and various adaptors.

If I understand correctly this uses Bluetooth to communicate with djay. Is this reliable? There is no option to hardwire the controller in, as on the starlight right?

There’s also no sound card/ audio out, so you have to do that from your device, right? Pros/cons?

Bluetooth cannot be used for audio output?

I’ve used the DJControl Mix a few times. It’s great for quick impromptu rigs, when you just want to whip out your iPhone/iPad. For me the MIDI bluetooth connection was always solid.

The catch-22 is you still need a USB cable for power, so it’s not really “wireless”. You still have to plug it into the wall/powerbank/computer for power.

If you have an extra USB port, I like the Starlight better, mainly for the audio and headphone jacks. Otherwise the DJControl Mix works great as long as you know it’s limitations.

DJ Control Mix Tutorials (by Hercules)


Interesting. Appreciated. Thanks.

Now you mention the audio & hh jacks on starlight I’m wondering if there’s any advantrage to having bluettoth, I may have been blided by the algoriddim endorsmment.

Basically it seems to come down to whether you want to use the USB-C to connect to your controller or for your audio/headphones.

The starlight then seems like it might have the edge on stability.

But… do either still give you the option to connect a speaker by bluetooth (either from controller or from the ipad)

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Ha. So apparently the the DJControl Mix doesn’t work too well in sunlight (because its white!). This guy spray took his apart and painted it black: https://www.reddit.com/r/Beatmatch/comments/14nxn1a/fix_hercules_djcontrol_mix_jogwheels_stop_working/

… as i’d like to be able to use it outside, think thats decided it for me. :grimacing:

NOTE the USB ports are different!
DJ Control Mix uses USB-C

Starlight uses Mini USB (yah that’s a little annoying)

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The iPad can output Bluetooth audio, but I haven’t tried it with the DJ Control Mix connected over Bluetooth. Technically it should work since MIDI over Bluetooth and Audio over Bluetooth run on separate channels. But Bluetooth can be fussy, so can’t confirm for sure.

If it does work that way, pre-cueing with the lightning/usb-c jack would be doable.

Audio via Bluetooth is not necessarily a good idea in this context because there is always a clearly audible delay. It doesn’t matter for the audience, but if you want to mix with it as a DJ, it’s a challenge.

And briefly to the question itself: If it has to be one of these two controllers, I prefer the Control Mix because I find a controller in white much more visually appealing and also think that it is far too rare. :wink:

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That is true. Perhaps the optimal setup for DJ Control Mix is:

  • pre-cue with Bluetooth headphones
  • main audio thru lightning/usb-c jack

Good point on Bluetooth delay. I guess you’d have to use one channel of your splitter for a monitor speaker, but again if there is delay on the main output, depending on environment that is going to be hit & miss.

That mini USB is an added complication. It’s actually confusing. Is this for power & midi? Does this mean I have to power it from my iPad? May need to plug in the iPad to a charger as well then via a USB-C hub?

For the iPad+Starlight you’ll need a powered hub or the Apple adapter.

  • USB-C on the DJ Control Mix is power only.
  • mini-USB on the Starlight carries both power and data (MIDI, Audio, etc.)

This guy demos 2 USB setups with the DJControl Mix

  • Setup #1 at 4:06 min
  • Setup #2 at 7:08 min
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Thanks for all the helpful input as usual @Michael_Wisniewski. Always appreciated!

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