About import and share (multi device and app) of history

1.I wanna import “history” on djay2(ipad) to “history” on djay pro (ipad)
Before,I used djay2(ipad).
Now,I have switched djay2(ipad) to djay pro (ipad).
But,the history is empty.
How do I import “history” on djay2(ipad) to “history” on djay pro (ipad)?

2.Share my history of djay pro (ipad),djay2(ipad) ,and djay pro2(mac) in icloud
I use djay on multi device and multi app.
Can we share histories on multi device and multi app like other meta datas(BPM,Que…)?

Hi there,

so far sharing histories between devices is not possible.

I added your post to our user request list and will let you know when there are news.

Thank you for your reply.
I’m looking for the new feature of my request.

Hi Lukas - is it possible to see past sessions in history in the new subscription version? I have played perhaps 50 sets since downloading it yet none appear to be saved in the breakout box on the lower right of the screen. That box only ever shows the current session’s history. Are no others saved?